Compliance & Payroll


Altea Resources leverages its in-country expertise to navigate and resolve complex immigration, visa, tax, labor, customs, regulatory, and other administrative issues for international oil and gas clients.

Dealing with regulatory issues can be frustrating, inefficient, and time-consuming, especially when the project is urgent and the need to move forward pressing. This is why Altea Resources offers its Local Compliance services: to help you cut through red tape and bureaucratic obstacles to meet your business needs and improve competitiveness.
Our specialists have experience managing and resolving issues connected to local customs, immigration laws, government regulations, etc. Our teams know how to navigate complex administrative and safety procedures, accelerating project start time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

We offer clients fast, viable, and trustworthy assistance.
Altea Resources strives to represent the best among first-class service companies abroad in the oil and gas industry.

Client Confidentiality Promise
We will faithfully protect your sensitive information, and we can offer you the security of a long-term relationship based on mutual confidence.


Altea Resources Payroll Management Service pivots on three main branches of service

Altea Resources will use its already well-established worldwide network to ensure all mobilizations to the worksite. We handle all logistics insurance as well as business visa issues.

Work Visa:
We will apply on behalf of the consultant to get necessary permits and visas, if required, for the country of operation.

Altea Resources’ team of tax experts will guarantee complete compliance with local tax laws. Our teams manage the immigration process for all consultants to ensure that all necessary taxes are deducted from consultants’ wages and paid on time to the local authorities.

Payroll Management Service

  • Relocation

    - Local assistance and 24/7 support
    - Health insurance
    - Security services
    - Accomodation
    - Meet & Greets
  • Work Visa

    - Authorization application
    - Work visa application to embassy
    - Passport registration
    - Residency permit application
  • Tax

    - Social contribution
    - Taxes & Tax bands


Our consultants are covered by our comprehensive professional liability, health, and repatriation insurance.