Project Management

Altea Resources Project Management Altea Resources Integrated Well Construction Team provides a comprehensive well operations project management service worldwide, with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.
Altea Resources customizes its solutions to fit with clients’ requirements as well as with local laws and regulations. This practice allows operators to outsource their entire well construction operations needs to Altea Resources Group.
Our solution covers all aspects of well construction, from the engineering to the delivery of the well, while insuring high HSE standards.
Our project lifecycle approach allows us to deploy only the needed resources for each identified step of the project enhancing both technical excellence and cost effectiveness. This type of project is usually conducted based on a capped budget per phase of the project, ie initial design, detailed design.
Altea Resources Well Ceonstruction work is billed on a fee basis, either monthly or daily, within the capped budget.
If Full Project Management is not what you are looking for, ALTEA RESOURCES can tailor any degree of Project Management – from the simple technical assistance by one of our engineers up to Full Project Management - whatever suits you best.Altea Resources Project Management
Altea Resources’ offering in this area includes rig acceptance, well design, well completion design, well testing design, well operations management, QHSE management, well operations logistics support, and operational insurances. ALTEA RESOURCES Well Ceonstruction Team strategy is to share previous experience we have on similar projects in the region where working in partnership with our suppliers, clients and other operators to provide our client with better support. By doing so, we minimize the learning curve and we share lesson learned across several wells in the region or sub-region.
We also help clients realize their strategic commitments by assisting in meeting their responsibilities to investors/partners and discussion with the local government.

We have successfully assisted several new entrants to the North African market to prepare their drilling campaigns just after they got their explorations permits.