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Today’s the ol & gaz industry is facing growing danger. While projects have become more technically sophisticated and demanding, companies are experiencing a paralyzing shortage of skilled and tested personel. At Altea resources, we are focused on developing and delivering technical and safety training for the up-stream oil & gaz industry.

Each organization should have a clear idea of the roles and skills needed to conduct their operations: this rule applies to everybody who works in the oil industry. We believe that training and more importantly “continuous training” are extremely important factors to increase the skills of the companies staff.
Training is essential both, in case of young recruits and also for the experienced staff, who need to learn about new technologies and who wish to acquire new skills.

We can provide technical training to the oil industry with standard courses, covering a wide range of topics, relating to the research and production of hydrocarbons, both on land and off-shore, and in every harsh environment.

Technical training

The training provision we are able to offer includes:

  • Technical courses in classroom (in-house and on-site locations).
  • Tailored courses for specific needs.
  • Mentoring for on the job training.
  • Instructional needs analysis.

Our vision of the training is based on three key points:

  1. Trained Instructors possessing field operational experienced.
  2. High-quality pedagogical materials.
  3. Ability to understand the training needs of our customers.


Our technical team is committed to sourcing the best instructors, producing learning materials to the highest standards and ensuring that instructors curricula are uppdated to reflect the latest available technologies.

It is a strong conviction that our instructors working in the up- stream area must have a technical background gained in oil-field operations, which guarantees the competence, associated with a qualified theoretical preparation and a strong instructing experience.

More over we require from our instructors the ability to:

  • Clearly communicate and easily transmit the concepts in a very effective and easy way, using the language of the attendees to the course classes.
  • Easily analyze the class course attendees and be flexible managing multi-ethnic environments.
  • Be Health, Safety and Environmental friendly, so that they can orient the attendees to the safest way of performing their jobs.
  • Be highly motivated and problem solving.


We are able to prepare learning materials related to drilling, completion and work over operations, HSE and rig site maintenance.

All the slides are printable into a brochure/pamphlet which is given to each attendee to help them to study and get ready for the final assessment at the end of each course.

In some particular cases, animations could also be added to them. Upon customer request, we are also able to provide all the courses contents via a CBT (Computer Based Training) device.

We have a range of materials to support the teaching activity:

  • Course technical program.
  • Pre test and final assessment test.
  • Course grades.
  • Participation forms for attendees.
  • Feed back questionnaires.
  • Final certificates of the positive attendance for each attendee.


We believe that the first step, to an effective training, that has a positive impact, is to understand what areas indeed require additional training and improvement.

If the customer does not have any special need, we are able to assess what kind of intervention would be most effective, to get the most impact on the professionalism of the staff, through a competency-gap analysis.

Development of the training and teaching materials are made in accordance with this preliminary analysis. Our technical staff has built working experience with companies such as Total, ENI, Saipem, Edison, Baker-Hughes and ENI Corporate University. We have also organized long duration courses (14 months) for newly-hired employees and senior courses for experienced staff. Our teachers have taught courses in Algeria, Italy, Kazakhstan, Congo Brazza and Turkey for both oil companies and drilling contractors.

Whatever are your training needs, we are able to provide an adequate response to them.