Why choose Altea

Mission Statement

Altea Resources was founded in 2008 as a specialized oilfield solution provider for the global upstream industry. Today that mission has expanded to also meet the needs of mining, engineering, energy, power, construction, and water resource industries.

As a service provider to global industry, our organizational goals embody our most basic offshore drilling rig challenges, which all staff and consultants are expected to uphold:

  1. to strive for operational and technical excellence, even in challenging environments;
  2. to conduct oneself as an ethical and responsible partner for business and development at all times;

We look to work with clients who have an international vision, and who are recognized in their industry for high-levels of professionalism, integrity, and respect when operating at home or overseas.

The Altea Resources Team

Why choose Altea?

1 We can help you achieve the quality of service and success your project needs. We are not an agency, but a real oil & gas services provider. Our team consists of entrepreneurs with business skills and technical know-how, who will successfully respond to your needs and concerns.
2 We will work together with you to solve any problem or bottleneck, should any arise during your project. Altea Resources uses a developed network of engineers, preferred relationships, business partners, and manufacturers, in addition to its industrial and financial partners. You will be offered all the business and back-office solutions needed to ensure the success of your project.
3 You will directly benefit from our innovating services, which are a direct result from our dynamic pluri-cultural staff as we are proud to employ university-educated, international staff. Our teams integrate both senior-level profiles (55+), for their experience and knowledge, and younger staff (30 and under) who bring a strong drive to achieve to all of your projects.
4 By doing business with us, you will gain access to a global network of consultants recommended by other experts. Our internal organization has been developed towards the expertise in our fields of intervention, which has given us credibility worldwide. We have experts working for Altea Resources on a permanent basis (Altea Resources staff) who contribute their own network to our team.
5 You will be provided with the best candidates for all positions, with more commitment and motivation to fulfill your project’s expectations. We will work to identify the best candidates for you and we will build relationships before we have a requirement. Strong investments both financially and in time are made to grow our network (visiting people, networking, and meeting with potential consultants as often as possible).